DBC Real Estate Management, LLC is a Pittsburgh-based private equity real estate firm
We are a strategic property management company that invests in and manages existing commercial real estate assets with a primary focus on Class B and better multifamily apartment properties.

Over the past decade, DBC Real Estate Management, LLC has successfully placed private capital as direct investments in multifamily properties consisting of over 4,000 units in multiple states. The proven track record and transparent operations of DBC Real Estate Management, LLC attract individual investors as well as institutions, trusts, and family offices, with most investors continuing to invest in subsequent projects after their initial investment.

Our experienced approach to identifying real estate opportunities and structuring direct equity investment enables us to acquire assets for investment by both medium and large investors and investor groups. We offer opportunities for conservative real estate investment in proven markets, in Class B multifamily properties that have a record of stable performance and, by the nature of the property type, are less volatile and less affected by significant swings in the economy.

DBC Real Estate Management, LLC excels across the entire spectrum of the direct investment process from identifying the real estate opportunity, sourcing and structuring the equity and financing, acquisition of the asset, and the long-term management of the acquired asset for the benefit of its investors.



We believe that resident-focused property management, properly and strategically executed, serves both our residents and the asset bottom-line. At DBC Real Estate Management, our primary focus is on Class B and better multifamily apartment properties.



We are committed to excellence in all dimensions of property management and adding value, however calculated, to the properties under our management. A commitment to quality and service for our residents has always been our top priority.



Our strong track record of success in identifying acquisition opportunities throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and South Carolina has generated exceptional results for both the valued residents of our properties as well as our valued investors.



We are experts at identifying new acquisition opportunities where our commitment to accurate underwriting can generate the most value. We continually rank among the largest and most successful commercial developers in Western PA, Ohio, and South Carolina.

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